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‘This is an exciting new book that genuinely crosses boundaries in novel ways through its interdisciplinary engagement with migration. In privileging the experiences of migrants as creative actors, it expertly combines innovative perspectives using various artistic forms and more conventional research to not only promote understanding of migration but also to inform policies that will ultimately bring about change for the better.’ Cathy McIlwaine, Queen Mary University of London, UK

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India’s internal migrants are citizens
India’s internal migrants, COVID-19, pandemic, citizenship, Parvati Nair
Death at the Mexico-US Border: from reaction to engagement
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Refugee or migrant? Sometimes the line is blurred
A dozen years before the influx of refugees and migrants to Europe’s shores would force policymakers to take heed, Michael Winterbottom’s 2002 docudrama In this World brought the inside story of international migration to the big screen. In charting the risky, clandestine journey to Europe of two A…
Where to now? Governing the migration crisis in the Mediterranean
It is through dialogue, not wars, that Europe can work towards alleviating the humanitarian crisis that is apparent on its shores. Protest at Palermo port, paper boats on black cloth representing the Mediterranean. Demotix/Lucio Ganci. All rights reserved.As the EU prepares to address the dire shor…
Homeward Bound? Questions on Promoting the Reintegration of Returning Migrants
The idea of return migration, with the aim of assisting voluntary returnees to settle back in their home countries, can seem an attractive way forward for governments that seek to manage migration humanely. In recent years, nevertheless, as return migration has become a preferred strategy for govern…